The mission of the portal honestpolitician.eu is to be a helpful tool distinguishing between politicians who are fully transparent and have nothing to hide from those who, for some reason, cannot disclose their financial situation.

Currently, in the global internet world, there is no unified global record of politicians’ financial situations. Although politicians around the globe mostly have an obligation to disclose their assets in some way, there is no unified global platform where this information is collected over time and stored long-term. The portal honestpolitician.eu plans to fill this gap through the internet application VisibleMoney.org.

The application supporting the project includes the option for any individual with internet access to create an account and subsequently submit a financial declaration.

Overview of asset structure in the Visible Money application:

Overview of user asset growth in the application:

The next step is the possibility for the wide internet public to audit such data within the application. The project relies on the idea that when the wide internet public can audit and freely comment on the data, any inaccuracy or outright falsehood in the financial declaration would potentially be quickly revealed. Asset data is always recorded in the system at a specific time, and the application allows users to view the data as it was entered at different times. It includes clear graphs of asset structure by asset types, or asset growth over time. The system is a reasonable compromise between the complexity of describing one’s own assets and the simplicity of entering asset data.

Screen for entering asset records in the application:

Screen for the list of user asset records:

The system includes the option for the user to verify themselves using some form of ID document (such as an ID card, passport, driver’s license). If the user’s identity is verified in this way, the system relies on the certainty that the user is indeed the person they claim to be.

Contributing to boards in the system (whether to the Public user board or the Audit board) can be set up so that only users verified by ID document can contribute.

Screen People in the system:

User’s Public wall/board:

Comments on boards are subject to a reporting mechanism and are moderated by the portal’s back-office employees if necessary.

Audit module screen:

The project is a Slovak initiative with global ambitions.

I want to create an assets declaration in the application. How do I start?

First, register for the project at https://app.visiblemoney.org/auth/register?lang=en.

Then, read brief introductions on how to work with the application here.

If you have any questions or problems, please email info@visiblemoney.org.

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